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Homework Help/Tutoring

Brooklyn Ballers provides tutoring and homework help for each student that participates in the program. For one hour each day, all students are provided a snack and start their homework. Brooklyn Ballers strategically hires teachers from the schools that they serve, as this helps to build a true extended-school-day program. These teachers are already familiar with the learning styles, strengths, and needs of the children in the program. Through the individual attention they receive, the students are amenable to receiving support to remediate their academically challenged areas, and learn methods to improve. In this model, called Strategic Tutoring (define and provide source), strategies for learning how to learn and perform are taught to students while they receive help with their daily class assignments.


Mental Health is an issue at the forefront of today’s social and political issues, but too often the people living in the under-privileged urban areas of our nation are forgotten about when this is discussed. Brooklyn Ballers has implemented confidential professional counseling into the weekly schedule to help students and adults deal with the personal issues they experience. The philosophy is simple: we all need someone we trust to talk to sometimes. 

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The program has professional certified counselors on-site weekly to sit down and speak with the program’s participants. The counseling service will be offered on an “opt-out” basis, wherein students will automatically receive this service unless their parent chooses to decline. A major objective of the program is to help reduce the stigma prevalent in many inner-city families within our communities regarding mental health care and maintenance. With regard to mental and physical well-being, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Music and Drama

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Brooklyn Ballers also offers music, drama and arts outlets for students and parents to express themselves. Active and frequent self-expression is paramount to healthy minds and self-esteem. Allowing individuals to express their individuality builds confidence like nothing else. Brooklyn Ballers offers that platform. Throughout the week, instructors provide students and adults with the skills necessary to perform at the highest level possible. 


Again, the ultimate goal of this process is to encourage a spirit of accountability within our students, and bringing joy and self-worth to the adults in the program. Young Hip Hop artists and writers, musicians, and DJs teach students the tricks of their respective trades, while encouraging freedom and discipline through their artistry. Brooklyn Ballers also offers a platform for young playwrights actors and stage design artists. They will be encouraged to write and collaboratively create their own personal, original works while studying the classic stylings of playwrights such as Lorraine Hansberry, Ntozake Shange, and August Wilson.

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